Under the Project Name "PASA" (Project for the Implementation of ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M)  with the IBU SAP A&D) a customer specific AMOSS has been installed and in the course of the SASPF (Standard-Anwendungs-Software-Produktfamilie) undertaking of the German Armed Forces fused with SAP. The required modifications in the interface between AMOSS and SAP allow the respective German Armed Forces ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) usage commonality for the Creation, Processing and Maintenance of the Spares Data. The Software has been complemented, in the interest of the national implementation provision (DB SPEC 2000M).

warp it is, in Cooperation with T-Systems involved in the Enhancement and Customisation.

Namsa / NHI

NAMSA (NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency) and NHIndustry are Agencies, who perform for the Nations the Material Management of the Projects NH90 (Transport Helicopter) and Tiger (Attack Helicopter). Both Projects are based upon the Specification ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M).

warp it has installed AMOSS and the MESSAGE HANDLER and implemented project specific Enhancements and Software Developments of the Software Product. We support the ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) Modules and provide Consulting for both Agencies in their logistic Processes.


Eurocopter is the world's largest Helicopter manufacturer. The Transport Helicopter NH90 and the Attack Helicopter Tiger are, amongst others manufactured by the company. The processing of the transactions is based upon the Specification ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) and the realisation is achieved through implementation of AMOSS and the MESSAGE HANDLER.

warp it offers extensive Support, such as Maintenance, Development, Customizing, Consulting, Creation and Implementation of new Concepts and Technologies.

Airbus DS

Airbus DS (former EADS) bases its Material Management of Tornado and Eurofighter on the ELMASS-System "Enhanced Logistic Materiel Support System". warp it cooperates with T-Systems with the full responsibility for the Maintenance und further Development of ELMASS in the following areas:

  • Initial Provisioning
  • Procurement Planning
  • Order Administration
  • Deliveries (DAIN)
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • NORST Lager
  • Euro Implementation
  • Supplier Web Portal
  • Tornado Export (Saudi-Arabia)
  • Tornado and Eurofighter Customizing
  • SAP-ELMASS Data Exchange
  • Implementation of C1-4


Alenia bases its Material Management of Tornado and Eurofighter on the ALAMS-System "Advanced Logistic Acquisition Materiel System". warp it is largely responsible for the Support and further Development of the System. Amongst other responsibilities:

  • Euro Implementation
  • Tornado Export (Saudi Arabia)
  • Tornado and Eurofighter Customizing