AIRBUS SAS selects warp it AG as preferred ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) consultants


For new military programs such as A400M, AIRBUS Spares Support and Service (SAS) require enhancements to their existing e-Business interfaces. The existing interfaces are based upon the civil standard ATA SPEC2000 specification covering the business areas Procurement Planning, Order Administration and Invoicing (chapter 2, 3 and 4).

warp it AG has been selected as the specialists for the ATA SPEC2000 and ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) military specifications. warp it AGprovides business expertise in both areas as well as providing service and development expertise in the existing SAP system environment at AIRBUS SAS.

The new interfaces will be built as enhancements to the existing SAP SPEC2000 interfaces, using the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) as the communication, conversion and business process handler to bridge the differences between both specifications.

Because of our comprehensive experience in the areas of ATA SPEC2000, ASD S2000M (AECMA SPEC2000M) and in development using the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) and the SAP R/3 environment, warp it AG has become an established partner for AIRBUS SAS for this and other projects.