eCERT for SAP ERP (Electronic Part Certification)

Employ electronic part certification for authorized release certificates to certify airworthiness of spare and repair parts rather than using paper documentation as is currently done.  Electronic part certification provides substantial cost savings, document security and authenticity, validation, higher reliability and data consistency.

Supports CASA Form 917, EASA Form 1, FAA 8130-3, TCCA 24-0078, Certificate of Conformance (CoC) and transfer documents in line with ATA SPEC2000 Chapter 16 Electronic Product and Part Regulatory Documentation standards.

Our product can be fully integrated into your SAP R/3 SD/MM environment.  Includes a cockpit control and is fully customizable and seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP business processes.  The part certification documents can be linked to your sales orders, deliveries and shipments and are viewable as PDFs and XML representations.

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