SPEC2000 XML Package

Recertification of new Version in August/2019

New certifcation facts:

  • ATA SPEC2000 Version 2016
  • SAP PO 7.5 Platform

The existing versions will remain available for the foreseeable future.



Using SAP Netweaver PI 7.31 / PO 7.4 / PO 7.5 technology you can now easily implement B2B Industry Standards. The "WARP IT Package for SPEC2000 XML" uses this functionality for the interchange of messages with SAP ERP A&D. Messages having been sent in the past as SPEC2000 TypeB (EDI, Flatfiles) can now be sent to your business partners using the ATA SPEC2000 XML Package as XML transactions.

Advantages of SPEC2000 XML:

  • self-explanatory tags
  • easy to read and understand 
  • no special programs for decoding
  • easy message interchange with partners without SAP systems
  • quick and cost-effective

ATA SPEC2000 XML contains several subsystems:

ATA SPEC2000 Chapter 2:

  • Stock Inquiry and Response from business partner (SparesStock)
  • Quote Request and Response from business partner (SparesQuote)

ATA SPEC2000 Chapter 3:

  • Order Order and Acknowledge from business partner (SparesOrder)
  • Supplier Shipment to business partner (SupplierShipNotice)

ATA SPEC2000 Chapter 4:

  • Invoice und Acknowledge from business partner (SparesInvoice)


"WARP IT Package for SPEC2000 XML" is "Powered by Netweaver":

To fulfill best quality standards our package passed the SAP certification process for "Powered By Netweaver". Our package complies with the SAP guidelines for software development and documentation.

For further Information:

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Download Package:

The PI / PO content package "WARP IT Package for SPEC2000XML" can not be downloaded. Please contact warp it for available licenses.

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